The 3 Main Reasons Adam Thinks it’s the Time to Sell in 2016!


Hello World! Have you tossed around the idea to possibly sell your house in 2016? Are you scratching your head wondering if the time is right? Here are five considerations I think you should know:

  1. Timing! By shear nature spring is a very popular time to list your home for sale. Buyers are emerging more and more as the weather warms up and green begins to reappear! Happy days abound! Some buyers are also timing out their move with the end of the school year. Take advantage of this influx of buyers!
  2. Inventory! Boy, inventory sure does stink I our area right now! I literally have about a dozen buyers ready to write an offer if a house comes on the market to meet their needs. These are serious and preapproved folks that are just waiting for the next “new listing” to appear in their inbox!
  3. Prices! Sales prices continue to rise! The days when foreclosures and diluted values are totally slipping away. Do you know what your house is worth? Do you have any idea what the check would be if you were to list and sell your house? I can help you with those estimates. To simplify, here is the typica process if you were to reach out to me to inquire about listing your house. I would gather some basic information (size of house, year built, location, amenities, etc.). I would also obtain an estimate from you on how much you owe. I would then get to work on my “homework”! This means reviewing comparables, crunching numbers and preparing a report just for you. I would bring that with me during the final step – a meeting in person to check out your home.

One thing you will find is that I am not a salesy type of person. I can’t stand being pressured or nagged when I am trying to decide or purchase something myself. Heck, I have even met with people who have inquired about selling and told them that selling buy owner or waiting might be better due to the number crunches!

At the end of the day, your home is one of your biggest expenses and assets – any decision made about your home should never be taken lightly!

If you would like to briefly chat about your current home or one you are considering purchasing, please reach out to me via phone/text at 630-234-4472 or email

Talk to you soon! Adam